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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 31, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> snow, sleet, freezing rain. we could see all of them in the next weather blast. when it arrives, and when the driving could be dangerous in the sky watch forecast. >> slipping and sliding. natural product that could help you from losing traction when bad weather hits. >> i still don't understand. i don't think we will. >> retired teacher found dead. what police know about the murder. and the huge turnout for the vigil to tonight. >> i told her i was in trouble. and then i didn't know if i was going to make it. >> desperate moments, calls two men made after they were trapped in a garage collapse. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> less than a week ago, a winter blast paralyzed the city of baltimore. freezing cars on highways for hours.
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>> here is a live look at north baltimore right now. if you look closely, you can see the first flakes of this winter blast. beginning to come down here. >> and in glen burnie, this parking lot, the snow is piled up from the last winter storm. that could have a thick coat of ice on it before morning. as people get ready for an early morning winter blast. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. the video you see hine us is a scene no one wants to see again. >> cars sliding over the streets. if moving at all. winter blast overnight could make it happen tomorrow morning. in a few minutes, chief meteorologist vytas reid tells us what is expected to come down tomorrow. and timing plays a big role in all of it. >> first, melinda roeder is live in north baltimore. over looking the jfx is a close look at the things you should keep in your car to get you out of a winter mess. melinda? >> last week we saw maryland drivers stuck on highways and interstates like 83 here. and while crews are prepared for
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this round they warn drivers should be prepared to. >> predicted to be freezing rain and ice. that's extremely dangerous. it is a lot harder to deal with than snow in many cases. and hard to drive on, even if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. >> state highway officials say it could a treacherous trip. trying to pretreat the major roads. and staying ahead of the storm is simply impossible. no one wants a repeat of what we saw last week. so officials are urging drivers to prepare for potential disaster. your first steps, put together a go kit for the car. shovels, scrapers, flashlights, battery, deicers help, and salts. but sand may be a better bet. >> if you are stuck on the road, stuck in something deep, salt melts n you have a slippery surface on top. sand, on the other hand when you throw it on the surface stays on the surface and you have
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traction on the surface. >> customers are stocking up on essentially at home depot. but pack a snack, and whatever you need to keep warm. >> something you need in your car. a blanket. you could be there. people stuck six, seven hours in vehicles. >> stranded vehicles, were a serious concern in this last storm. the problem was made worse by semis that got stuck on the interstate. proving that even big rigs are no match for mother nature. so if you have any doubts about driving, your best off keeping your distance. >> stay home. this is not the time to go out and try to drive. >> now, this time, the state is reaching out to trucking companies, and urging them to delay deliveries. the last thing they want is a semi clogging up traffic on the interstates again. now the other thing that we want to tell you. is that one tip. fill up the gas tank if you are headed out on the highways. if you have not done so already. at least that way, if you are stuck in traffic, you will have plenty of fuel. and, most importantly, plenty of
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heat. live tonight in north baltimore. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right melinda. this storm is massive, and could impact 100,000,000 people, when it is all over. >> people in omaha, nebraska feeling the effects of the storm. they saw ice, and it made driving almost impossible. wheels spinning on ice covered roads. people going nowhere. >> st. louis missouri, they are dealing with it as we speak. city had freezing rain and sleet. inch of ice covered everything. thunderstorms, also moved through the area. and it is changing to snow next. some places there could get as much as 2 feet of snow. >> so what can we expect here, and when? >> very busy chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the detailed look at the latest winter blast. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff. precipitation starting to come down out there. in the form of a few snowflakes, temperatures cold enough to be in the form of snow. but warmer wedge works in. where you see the pink working in. it will be a mixed bag of
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precipitation. and freezing rain that we see mixed in on top of. that icy mix moves in. and lows move up the coast wrapping in moisture into the colder air. there is one system here. we're talking about one area of low pressure that we are watching here. secondary low back here as well. that will continue to give us a chance for the second round. that will be even bigger, for us on wednesday. so we have to watch that tuesday night to wednesday. so this one is giving us the mixed bag. and this one gives us the chance for freezing rain. and it could be a large amount of freezing rain across the region. in fact, looking at the watches and warnings. right now under winter weather advisories across the state. because we will see mixed bag precipitation tonight. and then for tomorrow, it becomes a winter storm watch. as we have the potential from noon to overnight, to wednesday afternoon, getting freezing rain. we can see up to a quarter inch of freezing rain on top of what little bit we get from this system. so not a huge accumulation of snow, but more the freezing icing conditions that will be out there.
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that could cause problems on power lines. roadways. surfaces could be slippery. then we have to be concerned with the winds that will move in behind the system on wednesday afternoon. with the weight on the power lines, and then the tree limbs, we could get outages because of is that watch it closely. the temperatures are at freezing right now. 30 degrees in baltimore. 26 in hagerstown. so we are at the point where it is in the form of snow. but warmer air moves in the mid 30s and it could change overnight to the morning. give yourself extra time in the morning. icy conditions ahead of you. tell but how long it will stick around, coming up. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to >> last week's storm knocked out power to about 200,000 bge customers. taking repair crews until the weekend to get everyone back online. this new storm is causing bge to
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call in crews from other states. 1200 crews currently are on standby. we're beginning to get cancellations and delays for tomorrow. they are on the ticker at the bottom of the tv screen. of course, we will be updating you through the newscast. you can get traffic updates, school cancellations and latest weather forecast during the commercial breaks. watch morning news starting at 5:00 a.m.. >> get a text message when your child's school closes. fox 45 mobile news will send an alert to your cell phone as soon as they notify us. just sign up for mobile news. go to and click on text alerts at the top of the screen. >> we have breaking news out of north baltimorep tonight. two people taken to sinai hospital after a accident along the jfx at 6:30. an suv swerved off the road. over a jersey wall, down a 10-foot embankment. both people inside are expected
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to survive. southbound lanes of the jfx, big traffic mess tonight. they just opened about 30 minutes ago. >> police are asking for help in the murder investigation of a ooh autistic man. 38-year-old wilson, was found shot outside of his home on plymouth road in northeast baltimore, back on januarytwo. he was walking his dog at the time. neighbors say wilson did not pose a threat to anyone. and he was simply an innocent victim. anyone with information, is asked to call police. >> two, 17-years-old are arresting for dousing a cat with litter fluid and setting it on fire. cat cared for at the baltimore animal shelter. mittens got burns to the body. and they believe the cat first was in a house fire until later revealed, this was no accident. >> we weren't quite sure at the extent of her injuries, until here skin started to die and start of sloth off and then we
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realized it was the head and ears and back. >> teens are charged as juvenileston. meantime, baltimore city jurors spent the day watching video in a case where two brothers are accused of setting a puppy on fire. kathleen cairns was in the courtroom, and saw the video. >> outside of mitchell courthouse monday, thomas zenia shared her opinion after watching the trial where her friends, two brothers, are accused of setting a dog on fire. >> i don't have the slightest idea why they were arrested. >> travers and tremayne arrested for pouring gas on a dog later named phoenix, and setting the pit bull puppy on fire. it happened innen may of 2009, in west baltimore. the case prompted public outrage from animal rights activists. >> baltimore city detective jackson gave jurors on monday, his own play-by-play analysis of the police surveillance videotape. in it, he identified the two suspects. but the defendant's friends say the videotape not that clear.
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>> i don't think that, like i stated before, the police could actually identify these two individuals, in the videotape. >> the puppy had to be euthanized because of the extent of the injuries. meanwhile, another witness came forward. for the prosecution. to identify the two suspects. but that witness also admitted to defense attorneys she was prompted to testify because of the cash reward offered in the case by animal rights groups. >> in downtown baltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the trial resumes tomorrow morning. >> two attractions at baltimore's inner harbor are missing. >> uss consolation and tursk submarine dry tonight pull yesterday, and consolation moved today. using tugboats, getting maintenance. many visit the attractions for a lesson in history, of course. >> it gives them a great appreciation for what their
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lives are like now, compared to the lives of the sailors aboard consolation, and submarine and chesapeake and aboard of the coast guard cutter. >> consolation and tursk should be back in the water by march. >> it can be as much as $1500, per month, a year to, to heat the studio. >> paying more to go green. in tonight's cover story, the cost of green energy, later as fox 45 news continues. >> unrest in egypt. continues tonight. why it could affect gas prices here, even though that country doesn't export a lot of oil. >>
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and >> retired teacher gunned down in arundel county. >> police found the body in a vehicle at a glen burnie parking lot. keyed keith is standing by live where loved ones gathered to remember her tonight. >> it is myra kayson, 63 years old. police found her body here on this parking lot. in front of the pep boys on ritchie highway. detectives believe the killer forced her to drive to this spot. investigators say cason leaving the doctor's office friday morning at 8:00. three hours later, police found the body inside of her suzuki side kick. police believe robbery was the motive. investigators believe the killer was in the car with cason and forced her to drive to this parking lot. meantime police search for more
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crews, and loved ones look for understanding. at least 200 people gathering for a candlelight vigil here tonight at the parking lot. wondering how something like this could happen to cason. >> she is a community person. spiritual person. as you can see here, look at the people that know her, love her. >> detectives are seeking the public assistance to bring closure. it is senseless act. trying to piece it together from when she left primary care until they found the vehicle in the parking lot. >> back here live. arundel county executive john leopold here tonight. leopold and detectives want to you call police if you have any information about this case. investigators say they need the public's help tonight. live in glen burnie, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> millions in losses, and now a junk bond rating for baltimore city's $300 million publicly
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financed hilton. >> michael buczyner standing by live outside of the hotel where city council members want the hotel sold tonight we hear michael. >> talk about that. this report, just released, is shedding light on the finances of the hotel. council members we spoke with this evening are gearing up for a fight. >> had a long-standing concern about the city being in the hotel business. >> bonds, baltimore city [inaudible] hilton hotelha have fallen victim to the struggling economy. >> we opened a hotel owned by a city in the middle of a recession. in the beginning of a recession. everything suffering. so is this. >> a report just released by the bond rating agency, standard & poor's, ranked the bond below investment grade. >> they are considered junk debt. anything below triple b rate sing junk debt. below investment grade. >> credit shows credit below certainty about the financial
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performance of the hotel. morris siegel an economist with spt trained investors. >> the possibility of default. possibility of a missed payment. junk debt is higher than you have when you have investment grade. >> some city leaders are vocal about the hotel and its finances. and at least one city council member calling for the hotel to be sold. >> time for us to come out of the hotel business. it is really the city, should not be in a business of renting rooms. >> earlier fox 45 news waste watch investigation, found the hotel failed to meet occupancy goals and lost $14 million in 2009. the chairman of the hotel corporation said it paid all expenses, and debt. he labeled the loss a paper loss. >> it is not a loss to the taxpayers of baltimore. we have not turned to the city. and say, bail us out. to use a current phrase. and we don't plan to. >> in times like this, when it is critical, and every penny matters, we may not be able to keep this.
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>> back out live. a hearing for the issue is due to take place thursday at city hall. meanwhile, try to contact the hotel corporation for comment but calls were not returned. live in downtown. michael buczyner fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right michael that you thank you. our question of the day we asked. do you think this was a good idea. 97 percent wrote no. city government wasting my money, imagine that? judy said another example of government waste. go to and tells us what you think. southbound off through facebook. send us a tweet. secretary text your answer to us. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and your response may air at 11:00. keep our government at check by joining waste watch. if you see it, call our hotline. or go to and click on waste watch. >> a federal judge in florida throws out the entire health care reform law. judge roger vincent said that
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congress is a power to regulate health care but requiring people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. and since the individual mandate is key, to making the current law work, the whole thing has to be thrown out. the department of justice plans to appeal. this case is expected to go to the supreme court. >> protestors in cairo egypt continuing to defy a government issued curfew. more than 10,000 people filled the streets. they want president hosni mubarak gone. mass transit, banks, schools, and stock market in cairo, all closed for the second straight working day. people from other countries, are trying to get out as fast as they can. >> we had to cut our trip short. and we have been waiting for 48 hours to get out on a plane. very, very much anxious to go back home already. >> more than 2400 americans are seeking government chartered flights from egypt.
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as a result, from this violence, oil traded near the highest mark in two years. egypt's suez canal is one of seven called choke points for oil worldwide. 2,000,000-barrels a day go through the canal. another 2,000,000 through a pipe line in egypt. and there is fear tonight the violence can spread to other nations. >> during the protesting, egypt was cutoff from the internet. government denies its behind t judy kurtz reveals in tonight's "word on the web", two u.s. senators want that to happen right here, too. judy? >> could the u.s. turn off the internet? it may seem like a movie. but maybe not so far fetched. protests in egypt shinning light on a bill introduced last june. senators lieberman and collins, are proposing legislation that some are dubing the internet kill switch bill. it would give president obama the ability to declare a national cyber emergency. that would hand the president the power to control privately
10:21 pm
owned computer systems. senator leber man is the chairman of the homeland security commission. a spokeswoman for that committee assures bill is meant to protect cyber security and forbid any action that violates the first amendment. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web." >> well, texting while driving is outlawed in maryland but many teenage drivers are apparently ignoring that law. as john rydell reports, that's why some parents are discovering a new way to prevent their kids from texting behind the wheel. >> it has been illegal in maryland for more than a year. but teenagers will tell you some of their friends just cannot give up texting while driving. >> they continue to text. even though they know they are not supposed to. they stop at a stoplight. they are texting. stop sign, they will text. >> that kind of talk worries parents. >> because a lot of times when you are texting, not watching where they are going. it causes accidents or the person behind them could be in
10:22 pm
an accident as well. >> arundel county police say 19-year-old alyssa bennett killed in a car accident, christmas eve, was texting at the time. so a new jersey company has developed a new high tech tool to force drivers to change their bad habits. >> with text zapper, downloaded to your i-phone and in a matter of minutes it can detect if your car is in motion. utilizing the phone's gps, smart phone tec messaging designed. when the car goes over 10 miles per hour. >> kids will be kids, they will not do what parents tell them to do because they think they are invincible and won't happen to them. if it means it prevents them from getting in an accident, or hurting somebody else, it is a great idea. >> for parents, an app on the kid's cell phone that may save their life. >> myself, i think it would help the kids with stopping so many accidents. >> in baltimore. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and the text zapper application can be downloaded
10:23 pm
for $4.99 a month. >> program to get affordable healthy groceries to baltimore residents is expanding. george washington elementary school, live demonstration of the market. virtual supermarket program. school is one of four locations where the groceries can be ordered and picked up for no delivery charge. >> we have many individuals in this city that live in what we call food deserts where they have to travel extra long distances to go fresh fruit and vegetables and this is a wake to make it easier and more accessible. >> the market was able to expand thanks to grants from wal-mart, and the united way of central maryland. you can find out about the baltimore market by going to our website links. >> and fox 45 is stepping up to make your 2011 the healthiest year yet. be more healthy expo held at the baltimore convention center march 12. learn about exercise, eating right and health screenings. go to eb more healthy
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for more information. >> cash campaign in baltimore helps residents to file taxes. northwest community action center is one of 17 tax preparation centers now currently open. service is free for eligible low income working families. they can get help with their taxes. learn about ways to save money. and how to get college financial aid. >> a lot of the people that we, come into these centers, come in, with fear. they need to feel a level of comfort that they are talking to somebody that can relate to where they are. >> and you can find out more in the news links section about this program of our website, >> it can be as much as $1500, per month. to heat the studio. >> paying more to go green. the limits evergreen clean energy. the topic of the cover story, on the other side of the break. >> we are seeing the leading edge of a winter super storm in the making.
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>> bigger heating bills are here. in november and december, central maryland was at or below freezing for 460 hours. 130 more than a year earlier. >> why would a company look at its bill and choose to pay even more than it has to? joel d. smith takes a look at
10:28 pm
energy's cost of staying clean. >> our plan is to bring it into an urban environment. >> that's what they are doing at charm city yoga in mid town where they specialize in hot yoga. temperature is set to reach 90 degrees, so the people are trenched with perspiration and heat in this big building makes the bottom line sweat too. >> half of the rent. so it is about -- it can be as much as $1500 per month, to heat the studio. >> with that much going to the power company already, co-owner, made a surprising move. he asked conciliation if he could pay more. >> many more customers have environmental goals in mind when they purchase their electricity. and buying reliable credits is one way to do it. >> energy credit allows constellation to buy renewable energy on your behalf.
10:29 pm
but it is harder to get. so the credit costs 5 percent more. than a normal bill. >> they are issued to the generator of renewable energy, say a wind farm. we buy it from them. that provides them with a source of income to use to support developing more renewable energy, resources. >> that's what these customers and staff at charm city yoga want to. but there is a limit. you cannot go into the red to stay green. >> when we started to buy it. the premium was 10 percent over a firm four for non-green, our ceiling will be 20 percent more. i mean, that would be a problem for us. >> maryland requires all energy providers to turnover a certain amount of rc's every year. right now 5 percent. in the future that number will be higher. in the year 22022, talking about 20 percent. still the president thinks we could go further. he thinks the marketplace will follow. >> clean energy breakthroughs
10:30 pm
translate into clean energy jobs if businesses know there is a narcotic what they are selling. so tonight i challenge to you join me in setting a new goal. by 2035, 80 percent of america's electricity comes from clean energy sources. >> so renewable credit purchases are growing. we have seen our increase five fold over four years. many, many more customers have environmental goals in mind when they purchase electricity. >> that's a good trend. but in the future the cost continue to rise, there will always be a delegate balance between finding the best price and greenest. joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> i told her i was in trouble. and then i didn't know if i would make it. >> parking garage collapses. trapping two men. how they spend what they thought
10:31 pm
were final moments. >> i
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>> we have enoccurred our on you share of storms, but this is really new. >> we have been talking about the eastcoast being hammered with a foot of snow. that's been bad. but actually, i think, this will be the mother of all the storms
10:34 pm
of this season. >> different. >> yeah, i think this one -- not so much for us. we will get something out of t but for the mid section of the country. it will be something we will be talking about for a week and a halftwo. weeks. because this will be a super storm. we're talking about the elements coming together, to really affect a large section of the united states. mid section of the united states. how it will be affecting them with heavy snow. we're talking about a lot of ice. building up. and it will be coming down at a ferocious pace over the next 24 to 36 hours, to 48 hours. here is what is going on. first edge of the systems comes through. we will get freezing precipitation from it, as we see weak pressure from the west. leading edge of the system pushes over the midwest right now. snow coming down, right now, over northern indiana. parts of illinois. wisconsin, michigan. but the real core of the storm is south. down to the rio grand. where it is right now. area of low pressure, that will
10:35 pm
really strengthen and develop and push up through the midwest. it will draw a lot of moisture up from the gulf of mexico. drive it into the colder air. it will come down in the form of blizzard like conditions. heavy snowfall across parts of the midwest. also icing conditions. so here is what it looks like. watch i dids and warnings for the central portion of the country. red is blizzard. pink is winter storm warnings. parts of northern indiana, illinois, ohio, could get a foot and a half to 2 feet. and below that, where the temperatures are warmer. across indianapolis, cincinnati, columbus, those areas, pittsburg, could get an inch to 2 inches of ice. that is catastrophic icing, power outages for weeks. a mess for the central portion of the country. stretches down to texas. and then the winds will come in behind that. that is what makes the power outages come out. the power lines come down. trees limbs coming down. mess and a clean up. and stretching into new england
10:36 pm
region. for us, we're on the southern fringe of t we will get icing from the system as well. currently we have right now, cloudy skies. light precipitation, in the form of snow coming down about an hour ago. looking at 30 degrees. probably no precipitation accumulating in the form of snow. more like sleet, freezing rain down the road through was the high today. 30 right now in d.c. and baltimore. 26 in hagerstown. winds coming from the east, and that's where we get the marine layer of moisture coming in. winter weather advisories for central maryland right now. for tonight, into tomorrow afternoon. and then switching over to a winter storm watch as we get the potential for secondary low to give us the icing. quarter inch of ice tuesday night to wednesday. that will be the real problem that we have to worry about, real slippery conditions. on the radar you see the moisture coming in. timing it out here. you see that coming down in a little bit of precipitation, mixed bag. but then the low, that is causing the problem, that will bring freezing rain. this is all freezing rain. across central maryland.
10:37 pm
starting late overnight, wednesday night. into wednesday morning. rush hour, it will be about a quarter of an inch of icing. slippery conditions everywhere. so plan ahead for wednesday, to have the messy commute. then moves out of here. so we have to watch it closely. 23 tonight. looking at cold icing mix. and tomorrow, icing up in the afternoon. freezing rain picks up with the system from the west. five-day forecast shows the winds picking up. and causing power outages. down the road it is a problem. and clear up until the next storm arrives saturday to bring us snow. fox 45 news sky watch weather is at your fingertips. i-radar is available at on use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to >> and before heading out on the roads tomorrow. get a good look at the traffic. any possible school cancellations, and the latest weather forecast. during the commercial breaks. watch fox 45 morning news
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starting at five a.m. >> and get updates on traffic and weather information wherever you are, any time you want. with fox 45 app. for android and i-phones. search fox 45 in your app store, and it is free. >> a parking garage roof collapses, crushing a car, and trapping two men. it happened in massachusetts on thursday. following a heavy snow storm. peter sullivan and hamenez were in the dark car, in the middle of the screen, look at that. when the roof gave way. rescue crews spent two hours digging through the debris. the two men waited wondering if they would ever get out. >> i say how do you feel? he said i am alive. he asked me how are you. and i am alive. so i called my wife. i told her that i was in if some trouble.
10:39 pm
and i didn't know if i would make it. >>well, a steel beam fell across the car. crushing the roof down to the dashboard level. amazingly, both men survived and are expected to pull through fine. >> virginia police are currently looking into robbers with an uncanny sweet tooth police say several men robbed convenience stores near richmond virginia, not for money, but for candy. these three men are currently in custody, charged now with stealing candy. >> they would go in, scope it out. come back out. come back in. couple of minutes later. clean out the whole section of the candy. and leave, and they would do this within 15 minutes. >> police do not know where the candy is or why they stole it in the first place. apparently the three are not talking to authorities, they are too busy eating mouthfuls of gummy bears. >> serious cutbacks to salt.
10:40 pm
why a pinch could be too much. coming up next. >> by cranking up the heat you could be cranking up calories. how? we will explain next. fee court is now in session.
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fly southwest, the only major airline >> new dietary guidelines from the federal government say almost half of all americans should dramatically cutback on the amount of salt that they eat. anyone 51 or older, african american, or anyone suffering from certain diseases, should take in just half a teaspoon of salt during the day. everyone else should have 1 teaspoons. nutritionists hope it leads to healthy choice os store shelves. >> now we are saying decrease sodium. in the food. so what we will probably find are products made with less salt. >> well there are other things in the new guidelines, like eating less sugar and cholesterol, and eating more fish, fruits, vegetable, to fight obese tees, these guidelines are every five years. >> just because you have your flu shot doesn't mean you will not get the flu.
10:44 pm
those vaccinated are coming down with flu type b. different mutation of flu type a. so they call it b. symptoms are body aches, and fever. the regular symptoms of having a flu. >> lose weight, save money. scientists in britain say cranking up the heat in your home may contribute to your weight gain. your body doesn't burn as many calories to stay warm. so if you have a warm house, you do not burn as many calories. dial it back a couple of degrees. and the body wilburn some extra calories. keeping your body warm. >> the o he is fi ñpñq=ñ
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see slippery conditions out there. it will get a little bit of icing, about a 10th of an inch, to 2/10 of an inch through tuesday. but wednesday, is really the day we will get affected by it. tuesday night to wednesday. winter storm watch in effect. quarter of an ice inch of icing. it could create power outages and tree limbs down. watch that closely. through the week. things quiet until saturday. another storm pushes in. giving us a chance for snow accumulation. we have to watch that one closely. and may i throw in there. keep your eye on the 9th of february. maybe a big storm. i just put it out there. nothing else. back to you.
10:48 pm
that's for you. >> we will see. >> it is enough. one thing at a time. well stay out of the big mess tomorrow morning. updated information about traffic, school delays and cancellations on the morning news. you can get it during the commercials on the news ticker. fox 45 morning news starts at five a.m. >> and sign up for mobile news, you will get weather alerts and text message when your child's school closes. fox 45 mobile news sends an alert to your cell phone. go to and click on text alerts at the top of the screen. >> it is not your typical run of the mill, all american wedding in houston texas. >> couple decided to tie the knot while on a r at the houston marathon. molly johnson and david you didton took a short detour after running 16 miles. it was time to get married. both are runners, obviously. and the decision to get married, on the run. could not have been more fitting. >> my sister had the crazy idea,
10:49 pm
because we run so much. we decided why not. >> only way i would marry her, is in a marathon. >> been five years. >> well, hopefully the couple that runs together, stays together. >> must take like a nano second to get through the threshold. to stop before you get to the window. >> very nice, congratulations to the happy married couple. >> yeah. >> well, the o's add their rotation. >> bruce cunningham joins us in "sports unlimited." to tell us all about the newest baltimore oriole. bruce? >> jeff, coming up tonight on "sports unlimited." the birds give an incentive contract to a all star pitcher with an unpronounceable name. tell you why he missed last year. the ravens are ready to talk money with a free agent. the player, might surprise you. and it is a top 10 plays of the week, blake show continues in l.a. incredible shots that go in. and a miracle ending in the mac. find out who takes the tops


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